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Condensers must have air flow any time the system is in operation. This is accomplished by the ram air effect or by the engine cooling fan. The compressor pumps hot refrigerant gas into the top of the condenser. The gas is then cooled and condenses into high-pressure liquid refrigerant at the bottom of the condenser or condenser outlet.

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PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT Definisi, Dasar & Tujuan Performance management adalah usaha untuk mendapat hasil yang lebih baik, baik bagi organisasi, tim maupun individual dengan memahami...

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Jan 17, 2021 · Natural Convection Condenser. 3/8/2016Footer Text zBuilding is a collection of systems that provide a controlled environment. 03/11/18Footer Text View and Download PowerPoint Presentations on Condenser For Refrigeration PPT. These three types of condensers are laboratory glassware items since they are typically made of glass.

How does condenser pressure effect the rankine cycle efficiency?

Condenser pressure plays an important role in any Thermal power plant operation. The Condenser pressure is directly linked to the amount of Work done by the Turbine which affects the Output and...

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For your sales performance review, you need to look at your presentation to ensure that you have the right sales performance review template PowerPoint presentation. You should make sure that your presentation is clear and easy to follow. This will ensure that your creative power is in full flow and that you will keep your audience entertained.

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Slide 1 Steam condenser By :- lowell harbert Steam condensor Key points :- *Latent heat does not change the temperature. *Sensible heat changes the temprature of the System.…

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Air cooled condensers are used for thermal power plants like combined cycle, concentrated solar, coal, biomass, and waste to energy. Since these kinds of power plants, which are equipped with ACCs, do not require a large volume of cooling water, the power plants can easily be built in a region where water may not be available, or where its use is restricted or expensive.