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Man knew more about gold itself and lusted for it much before he understood the geology of hard rock gold or its deposits. Man had to learn about hard rock extraction methods and how to locate those gold deposits just to satisfy the thirst for that yellow metal. Gold has been the most highly esteemed and sought after precious commodity since the times of antiquity It has spurred on numerous ...


Detailed structural study of these gold-bearing zones on the Antler Gold Inc. property demonstrates that the main ~2-m-wide gold-bearing quartz vein, which extends for ~230 m along strike, cuts the conglomerate host and occurs within an oblique sinistral reverse shear zone that involved a component of north-northeast-directed thrusting.

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It is quite possible to find a veiti of gold bearing quartz, for instance, which is of little or no value to its owner because the expense of getting the stone out of the ground and then getting the gold out of the stone would he more than the gold would be worth. The process of separating gold from quartz is complex

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While the presence of quartz alone is not a very good indicator of where gold can be found, there is no doubt that there are many gold districts where gold and quartz have a strong correlation. I generally consider quartz to be a good indicator once I know that I am in a known gold bearing area, and I have identified that there is a relationship between gold and quartz in that particular area.

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2) A gold bearing quartz vein is investigated by an adit. The vein is sampled by chip sampling along a profile. The samples have the following values (g/t): 1.5 2.3 2.4 2.6 3.2 3.5 4.8 5.5 7.7 9.0 12.0 12.1 13.0 13.7 17.2 17.8 24.5 38.9 68.9 Construct a) 95% and b) 99% confidence intervals for the true mean.

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Mineralogical and Geochemical Characterization of Gold Bearing Quartz Veins and Soils in Parts of Maru Schist Belt Area, Northwestern Nigeria Table 1 Mineral composition of …

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Apr 24, 2017 · Gold is most often found in quartz rock. When quartz is found in gold bearings areas, it is possible that gold will be found as well. Quartz may be found as small stones in river beds or in large seams in hillsides. The white color of quartz makes it easy to spot in many environments.

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The Paimasa Project is located in central Nigeria, approximately 115km north-northwest of the capital city Abuja. A British firm, Panthera Resources Plc, has announced that its associated company ...

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Iron stained quartz is all over, and gold-bearing quartz is rather hard to find, unless you are an expert with electronic metal detectors and find an old abandoned gold mine where you can work over the old dumps. And using detectors is like learning to play a musical instrument ...

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Gold in secondary deposits results from erosion of gold bearing rock structures, transportation of the eroded ... LGA in the State of Osun Nigeria using cyanide solution obtained from cassava and commercially available s o- ... Ogundare_Itagumodi_Gold Ore Quartz low 53.29 % Ilmenite 46.71 % Peak List Quartz low; O2 Si1 ...