Perfectly Sharpen Tungsten for TIG Welding! : 3 Steps

Step 2: Grinding the Tungsten Remember, only grind tungsten on a bench grinder that is dedicated to tungsten. If you grind your electrode on a wheel that is shared by steel, you run the risk of embedding contaminants in the tungsten.

Scrap Tungsten Carbide Recycling & Distribution | Globe Metal

Forms of Tungsten that Globe Metal Can Recycle. Drills and insert: we recycle tungsten carbide drills and inserts of all grades, brazed or clean. Sludge (“grinding swarf”): we buy tungsten carbide grinding sludge, also referred to as grinding swarf, that contains oil and moisture. Carbide sludge usually contains 60-70% tungsten and 10% cobalt.

Selecting and preparing tungsten electrodes

The tungsten electrode becomes overheated and wears out more quickly. With longitudinal grinding with the grain, the electrons are led steadily to the extreme tip of the tungsten electrode. The arc starts straight and remains narrow, concentrated, and stable. A diamond grinding wheel should not be used for grinding anything other than tungsten.

Choosing a Tungsten Grind Angle for Orbital Welding - Arc

Approximately 18 to 20 degrees is the optimal tungsten grind angle for use in orbital welding butt joints. Other tungsten grind angles may perform better in deep fillet welds and outside corners, but for the majority of orbital welds, this sharp grind angle offers deep penetration while keeping amperages low and the heat-affected zones narrow. A blunter tip would allow for deeper penetration, but would also expand the heat-affected area into the sidewalls surrounding the weld.

Machining Tungsten Alloys | How To Work With Tungsten

Tungsten Alloy materials becomes easier to machine as the copper content increases. The more tungsten content present the more care must be taken when machining. Carbide tools are suggested for drilling, milling, and turning Tungsten Alloys. Cutting and Sawing. High-speed abrasive cutoff wheels can be used for cutting.

How to Sharpen Tungsten for TIG Welding in 6 Steps

How to Sharpen Tungsten for TIG Welding in 6 Steps 1. Cut or Break Off Contamination. If you touch the electrode tip to the weld pool, it will pick up molten metal. This... 2. Use a Dedicated Tungsten Grinder. Grinder wheels pick up bits of the metal they are grinding. Aluminum is noted for... 3. ...

GTAW Tungsten Electrode Types: Selecting an Electrode for

Typically, tungsten electrodes of all types arrive with blunt tips and it is up to the welder to grind them into the shape needed using a bench grinder. This provides a good enough weld for general manual applications. However, each welder may prepare the tungsten differently utilizing multiple grind methods.

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If grinding a tip, make a tight, sharp point in order to achieve a powerful and precise arc to ensure a clean weld. We also offer pre-ground tungsten welding electrodes . Below is a table describing the differences in TIG electrode types , and you can find the full product line at .

Grinding Tungsten Carbide Used for Manufacturing Gun Drills

Grinding Tungsten Carbide Used for Manufacturing Gun Drills %K tungsten carbide; grinding; grinding wheel; roughness; grit; wear %X This paper presents a study of grinding cemented carbide DK460UF (91 % WC and 9 % Co), a material used to produce cutting tools with solid cutting edges.