Types of Level Measurement Transmitters & How Do They Work?

4/20/2018 · As the name suggests, a level measurement transmitter is an instrument providing continuous level measurement. It can be used to determine the level of liquid or bulk-solid at a particular time. Levels of media such as water, viscous fluids, and fuels, or dry media such as bulk solids and powders can be measured using the transmitter.

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The Sound Level Meter / Noise Level Meter PCE-MSL 1 is a simple sound measuring device. The PCE-MSL 1 sound level meter / noise level meter is used to quickly determine the ambient noise level. In addition to the volume measurement, the PCE-MSL 1 sound level meter / noise level meter also has the option of determining the ambient temperature.

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the high process noise diagnostic, the transmitter specifically looks at the signal amplitude at frequencies of 2.5 Hz, 7.5 Hz, 32.5 Hz, and 42.5 Hz. The transmitter uses the values from 2.5 and 7.5 Hz and calculates an average noise level. This average is compared to the amplitude of the signal at 5 Hz.


Noise measurement shall be measured in dB(A) with a sound level meter. Measurement of sound levels from all sources shall be made at or within the property boundary of the receiving property. For the purpose of this chapter, rural districts shall be considered as residential districts. Maximum permissible sound levels for districts within the ...

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NOISE LEVEL TRANSMITTER for COLD TUBE MILLS. The system is conceived basically for measuring the noise generated by the balls while powdering the coal in the power generation especially in TUBE MILL's. Depending on the level of the noise which is captured by the microphone, an audio signal is generated which generates 4-20mAmp Proportional to ...

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The floor area in the oil mill where SPL exceeded 85 dBA was identified from the noise survey map of each oil mill to determine the causes of high level of noise.

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Noise level (dB) vs distance (m) VERTICAL MILL Noise level Measured at: Distance from source Noise level at distance (dB) (meters) (m) (dB) 85 4.572 1 98.202 5 84.223 10 78.202 26 69.903 50 64.223 100 58.202 150 54.680 200 52.182 250 50.243 300 48.660 350 47.321 400 46.161 450 45.138 500 44.223 750 40.701 1000 38.202 1250 36.264 1500 34.680 ...

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Audio noise measurement is carried out to assess the quality of audio equipment, such as is used in recording studios, broadcast engineering, and in-home high fidelity.. In general, noise refers to unwanted sound, but in audio systems it is the low-level hiss or buzz that intrudes on quiet passages that is of most interest.All recordings will contain some background noise that was picked up by ...

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Radix ultrasonic level transmitters are widely used to measure and control level of solids and liquids or distance of any objects. Ultrasonic level transmitters can provide level monitoring of an entire system. Features Model code: ULT202, ULT212 : 0.4m ~ 10m for liquids. Model code: ULT212 : 4~20mA or 4~20mA/HART Process connection : M66×2 or ...