Choosing and implementing control measures for silica dust

The control measures that are the most effective for your workplace will depend on your industry, work processes and the risk of exposure. It is most likely you will need to use a range of control measures to protect your workers from exposure to silica dust.

There is a lot of dust coming from a building construction

Dust can cause health problems for both workers and neighbours. Construction-site operators and owner-builders are required by law to minimise dust emissions from their sites. The level of dust must not breach the standards set in development consent conditions. Dust control is covered in the council's approval for the development application.

Sheetrock® Brand Dust Control Joint Compound | USG

This innovative joint compound provides an easier path to OSHA compliance with no additional steps, manpower or equipment. Independent industrial hygiene laboratory testing during sanding of Sheetrock® Brand Dust Control Joint Compound has shown levels of total dust reduction and respirable crystalline silica below detectible limits in reference to OSHA’s new silica rule.

Coal Dust Control | Power Engineering

The patented dry dust control feature includes a dust skirting system, dust separator in the hopper, and a dust control fan with a maintenance-free filter, working together to control fugitive dust...

Used Dust Collectors for Sale - Industrial Dust Collectors

With automatic fire suppression system. Powercore (6) Filter pack and valves. Control panel Pulse cleaning system delivers maximum cleaning energy in straight-line paths through the media and easily pulses the dust out of the fluted channels. Filter part # PO32767/PO30625. Tested.

Dust Control for Construction Projects

Dust Control Measures for Construction Projects Rev. November 2009 These measures suggest methods for controlling dust and other construction-related airborne materials, which the Contractor should evaluate for applicability in preparing a dust control plan. The specific level of control selected should be based upon Project parameters,

Dust Extraction | Dust control systems for schools

Woodworking - schools, factories and workshops must be fitted with dust extraction systems. Micronair dust control systems provide centralised dust collection, strong suction, quick bin change and comply with regulations to look after your health.

Dust Suppression Systems

Available through Tecpro Australia, the Idrotech Rino Fog Maker is popular for use where dust suppression, odour control, evaporative cooling, humidification or disinfection is needed.

Dust Control Joint Compound - USG Boral Australia

Dust control is ideal for renovation projects, as it limits plumes of dust – reducing the effort involved in protecting surrounding surfaces. The dust produced when sanding clumps and settles downward – often saving the need for contractors to return for a second clean-up once fine dust has settled.

Hazardous Area Product and System Design - Ampcontrol

Both in Australia and the UK, Ampcontrol manufactures electrical equipment to hazardous area standards including: Flameproof Enclosures "Ex d" (IEC 60079-1), Intrinsic safety "Ex i" (IEC 60079-11) and, Encapsulation "Ex m" (IEC 60079-18). These protection types are recognised by Australian standards AS/ANZ and ATEX in the EU.